Banoffee Pie


Recipe adapted from here


  • 2 packets of oreo
  • 5 tablespoon of softened butter
  • 1 tin(s) condensed milk
  • 0.47 litre(s) double cream
  • 3 large banana(s) (ripe)
  • cocoa powder (for decoration)
  • caramel for drizzling as per wish (optional)


  1. Add crushed Oreo’s to softened butter, mix them together with your hands until the butter is spread all over the Oreo’s. Spread on bottom of 8×8 tin & chill.
  2. Boil the tin of condensed milk for 2-2.5 hours. BE SURE THAT THE TINS ARE SUBMERGED IN WATER AT ALL TIMES!
  3. When cool spread the toffee over the biscuit base. Slice up ripe bananas on top of toffee whip up the cream and spread over the banana.
  4. Dust cocoa powder over the top, or drizzle caramel over the top chill (or serve straight away)
  5. BIG TIP one can boil up a load of tins of condensed milk, once they are cooked they will keep very safely for months in the larder or cupboard. just keep an eye on water levels.


– Anjali


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